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Saturday, September 15, 2007

County Fair Time

It seems to be the season for County Fairs. When I stopped in Watsonville, California (DH's hometown), on my way to Uncle Dan's, I took the opportunity to visit the Santa Cruz County Fair. It was so relaxed and entertaining, I wish I could have stayed for the evening and enjoyed all that was offered.

I did take time to visit the handwork / needlearts displays. There is an amazing amount of talent - photographs, paintings, needle work, canning, cooking - in all the area. I took a few photos of the quilts......

This was one of the demonstrations offered and manned by a delightful lady willing to answer questions.

This one, by Susan Roach, covers the pillows and the sides of the bed.

A simple, but carefully planned, quilt block is very effectively executed by Jo Bridges. I LOVE "scrappy quilts" and especially love the bright colors in this one.

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  1. I really like the last quilt. Just think if you could combine hobbies - quilting and scrapping? Oh the possibilities.

  2. Combining is a definite possibility, I already have some punches for it.

  3. And you have some Sizzix dies, too.


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