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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

On the Road

Things look better this morning and I will plan to attack last night's problems in a constructive way.

Meanwhile, I am headed from Holbrook, AZ, a gateway to the Grand Canyon, to wards Deming, N.M. There are a couple of sights in the area I hope to explore. Maybe I can keep the photos this time......


  1. The kids and I are free next summer, so we'll go back and hit the places you lost pictures to. Just what you wanted, a trip across the other side of the country with us! We'll pack a bucket for Abs.

  2. That's funny that Holbrook promotes its self as a gateway to the Grand Canyon when you have to go through Flagstaff or Williams to get there. Holbrook may be the gateway to the painted desert or Navajo Nation but little else. We have spent many hours and miles traveling the southwest, camping as we went and taking lots of 35mm slides.

  3. I guess your old saying was true - "Go to bed; you'll feel better in the morning."


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