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Friday, September 14, 2007

Looking Through the Lens

Having traveled down the coast of California after deleting all my previous photos. I can only offer this view of the coastline. Wild, treacherous, dangerous, yet at the same time the scene stirs a calm in the midst of constant change. One only has to wait for the sunset to experience a feeling of pending renewal for a new day.

This blooming cactus is right outside Uncle Dan's back door.
"Blooms every year," he says. It fades in the sun nd heat of the day.
There is a stability about this place that leads their GD C8 to call it "home." I always find a sense of love and acceptance here.

We visited "Quail Gardens" today and there was not a quail in sight! The arboretum abounds with bright colored flora and little creatures such as this lizard sunning on a convenient rock.

Yellow canes of bamboo glisten through the dark coolness of the arboretum path. I can't complain about the heat when it is 20 degrees cooler than home and a lot less humidity. Besides, there is so little concern about having plans spoiled by rain!

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  1. Glad you arrived safe and sound! Looks like you are keeping busy. Tell everyone hi from us!

  2. Nice photos. Really like the bamboo one. Hope you got to get out and walk a bit after driving for so long!


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