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Monday, September 24, 2007

Update on Troy Methvin

This is from late last night -

Troy continues to improve, however he lost a significant amount of blood, and his
systems are taxed. His lungs remain the most critical issue and the threat of pneumonia and infection are still there. Meanwhile, he was very lucid today, cranky (a good sign for me),and charming at the same time. He is such a witty, bright boy who always makes me smile.

Tomorrow morning he faces another surgery, a skin graft for his hand where he suffered 3rd degree burns.The good news is they feel he is strong enough to face it. We are hoping they will try to step him down from ICU tomorrow, which would be a wonderful thing. He still is not out of the woods due to the threat of pneumonia, and still remains with chest tubes and drains in place.

I believe the power of prayer that is going for this boy is so strong. Thanks for keeping the faith. Please keep his family in your prayers as well, for strength and
hope. The family has been through so much and they need the support.


  1. Please keep this posted on how troy is doing. I am an allen resident who drove by the accident. Troy was already gone but i saw the bike and it upset me very much. I know the man that hit him was very distraught over the whole thing for he has 2 year old twins. I am so glad i stummbled upon your sight becasue i have been so concerned about him.

  2. Ditto--please keep us posted on this young man's progress. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to pray for him.

  3. Hi. Thank you for your posts, Gypsy at Heart. I am Troy's mother--my name is Mary Methvin.
    I would like to provide a brief update. Troy is at home and resting. We still have a long row to hoe...Troy suffered multiple injuries, but his outcome looks good. He has a broken left leg (broke in two places), a third degree burn that required a skin graft operation, broken ribs, collapsed and severely bruised lungs, broken nose and facial bones, hematoma on his left face, pancreas bruising and other injuries. But he is alive, and there was no brain injury whatsoever. We are so lucky and so very thankful to all that came to Troy's aid that night. Without the assistance of the community, we know Troy would not be with us today. How can you say thank you for something like that? You can't--but that's all we can say. Thank you so much for caring, praying, and everything that was done to help Troy get a second chance. I am convinced God has a special plan for Troy! Sincerely, the Methvin family

  4. Thank you, Mary, for sharing this information with us. As you can see, several have taken Troy's plight to heart and wish him and the whole family well.
    We would greatly appreciate your continuing updates to let us know how Troy progresses.
    May God bless you all as you journey the long road to good health.


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