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Friday, March 20, 2009

The Delayed Birthday Celebration

Have you noticed I am playing catch-up on my posts?

Ky's Birthday Celebration was rather anticlimactic after the drama of fracturing her arm, but she had a small celebration and was happy. A couple of candles in some ice cream and her big brother to help blow out the flame after a rousing rendition of "Happy Birthday," was enough celebration for a two year old. The most important part of it all was being surrounded by family and love. Ky loved her new tea set and served all of us bottomless plates of chocolate cake and drinks. She managed the utensils quite well with her left, non-dominant, hand. Children are amazingly resilient. DD-Ki helped open the small trunk I had transported from Texas. (I can never fly because I must act as official courier for exchanges among the children.)
DDs-Kr & Ko had helped fill the trunk with dress-up clothes. The concept is a legacy from my sister who sewed for my daughters before she had children of her own.Some things are hard to do alone, especially with one hand out of commission, but Ky quickly learned to ask for help. Happy Birthday to our Princess-in-Training.....


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