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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

An Unwanted Birthday Surprise

I left for St Louis after church on Sunday, but not as early as I had planned. I had been awake since 3 AM and seriously considered waiting another day to start my trip. I finally decided I could make it quite a way before I had to stop for the night, so I took off. The whole day had been a series of small misadventures and I figured arriving the next day would work just as well.

I watched my speed judiciously but I could travel 75 mph on the Indian Nation Turnpike so I made pretty good time. Finally gave into extreme drowsiness in Ardmore, OK, and stopped for the night. The sign read Comfort Inn, not my favorite place, but I only needed a clean bed and bath, In reality, it was a Comfort Inn undergoing rehab to become a Roadway Inn. It was pretty grim, but I reasoned that the looks were a result of the work in progress and I was too tired to look any further. The advertised price was "only for cash" they told me. Anyway, it filled the bill for a clean and comfortable room, and I slept well.

I slept so well that I did not leave as early as I had hoped. Really wanted to get to STL for the 5 PM dinner hour for Ky's BD.
I don't know what they did with the caffeine in the coffee at the motel, but it wasn't working. I stopped at a Missouri information center, got some REAL caffienated coffee, then hit the road to makee up time. I called DD-Ki to let her know my progress and she said to change my plans. She was sitting with Ky in the STL Children's Hospital. Ky had fallen on the playground Sunday and seemed to be O.K. until her observant mom got more and more worried.

You see, God has his own way of doing things. I sincerely believe that is why everything "seemed" to be working against my keeping the schedule I had set for myself. As it was, the extra time it had taken me to accomplish my trip, ensured that I arrived at the hospital just in time to talk to the doctor and see the X-ray of Ky's arm before he applied a cast. He was so sweet. He explained everything and answered all my questions. All the nurses were extremely competent and interacted with Ky very well, even as she kept telling them "No thank, you. I don't want that."
Ky had to be sedated for the fracture reduction and placement of the cast. After the IV was removed, she held up her little arm,now bearing a neon pink, cast and pled with them "Please take this one off."
Ky is home and doing well. Children just take all these things in stride and she is just calmly moving into doing everything with her left hand.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Ky! We'll finally open your presents today.


  1. Poor Little Girl, I feel sorry for her but then I ahve had accidents also.

  2. Poor baby, at least she got a hot pink cast!

  3. I agree that God orders our steps. It's hard not to get frustrated! But, what a relief that you got there in time to speak with the doctor. I'm so sorry she broke her arm, but I'm sure a visit from you helped take her mind off it. :)


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