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Sunday, March 1, 2009

From the Memory Box - "Dancing with Dad"

I remember "Girl Scout sock hops with Dad in the school gym. We got to dance on his feet. The same thing Ki did later at DS' wedding."
Girl Scouts were a very big part of our lives! DH was traveling quite a bit during some of these formative years, so he made every effort to be available when opportunities for one-on-one activities surfaced. DH was not, by his own admission, a very good dancer. He felt his greatest expertise was in doing the "Freddie." "Do the Freddie," a hit song by Freddie and the Dreamers, spurred a momentary dance craze. In case you don't remember, The "Freddie" consisted of jumping in the air, stretching arms out at shoulder level while alternately lifting right and left legs to the side as high as possible.
Freddie and the Dreamers toured until 1968 and broke up not too long after that. In that period, when "rock" emerged and became something "serious," Freddie and the Dreamers were retroactively dismissed as innocuous popsters, never taking into account that the happy-go-lucky group never took itself so seriously. The band's accomplishments can't be denied - they couldn't resist taking offbeat material and making into hit music.
They did not play the "Freddie" at the GS sock hop; it was long gone before then. The girls stood on DH's feet and they "danced" much more sedately. I guess they should have played "Memories are Made of This."

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  1. Our girls, (as well as C8), also danced on my feet, it seems to be the norm. Our occasion wasn't the GS though just goofing off around home.


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