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Thursday, March 5, 2009

From the Memory Box - "Kitemaking"

I remember Dad teaching DS and me to make a kite. He had everything laid out on the table and explained with engineering precision how to put it together. We used dowels, newspaper, tape, string and fabric scraps (I got to pick the tail ties) for the tail. I can't remember if it actually flew, it must have or I would probably remember that. Maybe DS will remember. It must not have flown too well or I think I'd remember that too. I just remember that everything fit together perfectly, even on all sides and precise - what you'd expect from an engineer!

For some reason DH was really into kitemaking. He was always getting different rods, wood pieces, newspaper, tissue paper, string, and all the accoutrements together. Sometimes he would even make the kite. I don't recall that any of them ever flew very well, but it was the process that appealed to him. He also loved showing the children how he could fashion these wonders of the skies and they never ceased to react with joy and amazement.


  1. I remember that, too, and was there for it. The times I remember we were outside and they did fly okay.

  2. We always made our own kites with newspaper, string, sticks, home made paste, long scrap(s) of cloth and any sticks or straight branches we could find.

    They always flew until the were caught in a tree branch and then we would start up all over again.

    Store bought kites were out of our range.


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