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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Welcome Home, Gunner

After rushing home from a busy day at "UT Explore," the children donned their special outfits and we rushed off to Ft Hood to await their dad's arrival from his 3rd tour in Iraq.

We all waited in a large tent that boasted a myriad of things to keep everyone entertained until the big moment. The music was loud and exuberant. While the children ate and played, we watched a blow-up movie screen which showed the arrival of the big bird bringing the troops home.
Flags were flapping merrily in the brisk breeze as we waited impatiently for the buses to discharge their occupants. The troops stood in formation for a brief prayer of thanksgiving , then broke out after being dismissed.
It was almost impossible to find one person in the sea of camoflauge, but ABW saw Gunner first and hailed him from across the field. There were lots of hugs exchanged before Gunner hoisted his 200 pound duffle and hustled to the car.Now it is time for the yellow ribbon in my yard to come down.

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