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Monday, March 2, 2009

R&R for Military Couples

The troops are coming! The troops are coming!

Children, parents, siblings - all want to welcome their loved ones home. It is very important for husbands and wives to re-establish contact at this critical point in their reunions. Fortunately, there are some kind people who want to help you do just that.

Check out the list of B&B's, Guest Cottages, Inns, and Hotels from Fayetteville and other communities within Central Texas that have joined together to support returning Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and their spouses by donating 1 or 2 night stays at their establishments. Each proprietor is thankful for veterans' service to our country and feels honored to recognize the sacrifices of their time, talents, and in many cases, health. Several have loved ones serving as well.
Project Information and Criteria:

  • Eligible if on active duty deployed since 2006 to present -or- 1 month from new deployment.
  • Availability is limited at each establishment, so if one choice doesn't work, do try others on the list.
  • No multiple bookings - only one stay per couple.
  • Identification - deployment order or something to verify service.
  • No children - please do not ask to bring children. This offer is for a couple's getaway.
  • Breakfast - Some establishments furnish breakfast and others do not.

The towns represented are about 1 hour from Houston & Austin and 2 hours from San Antonio.

Take advantage of this opportunity early in your reunion and get to know each other again. Both of you will have changed.

Please, after you return from the getaway to the normal world, send a note of thanks.


  1. Hmmmmm...since you are such a big supporter, does this mean you will babysit the three hearts? :)

  2. HOOHAA for those places for returnee's and spouses R&R.


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