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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Quilts from the La Grange Quilt Show February 2009

On a break from our writing at the writing retreat, six of us visited the 12th Colorado Valley Quilt Guild Show in La Grange, Texas. The theme was "Crazy About Quilting" and showcased Crazy Quilts from the collection of Karey Bresenham. Karey is the founder and President of Quilts, Inc., and the beginning force behind the Houston International Quilt Festival held in Houston every year. The quilts are grouped by categories.: Artisan - does not quilt or use quilting knowledge for monetary gain. Master - former Artisan that has won at least 3 ribbons but does not quilt for monetary gain. Professional - quilts for profit, sells work, teaches classes, publishes patterns, and/or conducts programs.
"October Leaves" an artisan pieced quilt by Doris W. Zumwalt of Halletsvilles, Texas; quilted by Pat Hildreth; pattern by Ruth Powers. It is based on a 9-patch technique and required careful template-making and workmanship.
"Golden Circle" a Colorado Valley Quilt Guild Raffle Quilt. Quiltmakers: Kim Stuart, JoAnn Hill, Gerline Kieschnick, Giddings, Texas. It is a machine pieced, machine quilted, original pattern.

"I had a dream - a beautiful quilt in lights radiating to shades of gold, then finally with corners of color, The final touch...the shirred border. This quilt was mentally planned for months before the cutting process."

The photo does not do it justice

"John's UFO" a machine pieced, machine quilted quilt by a professional was made from old quilt magazine pattern.

"I had been working on this quilt for my brother since 2001. I was doing pretty good on the piecing but life got in the way of the original 796 star points so it became a UFO (unfinished object). I picked it back up and quilted the blocks separately last year and assembled them this year."

These are just 3 of the quilts...more later....

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  1. October Leaves must have taken some time to coordinate all of the color variations. Outstanding!

  2. Be sure to click on the photos and see the work revealed in the close-up view. October Leaves has beautiful quilting with variegated thread.

  3. When you get into the picture tight the fine detail is even of greater craftsmanship.


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